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Alston Lane Catholic SCHOOL
Mural Design


TYPE:  Extra Curricular
CLIENT: Mark Fitzgibbon
STUDENT NAME: Lennart Stanowski
DURATION: January 2017 | 4 Weeks (Part time)



‘For the student to DESIGN AND CREATE new and inspiring artwork for three murals situated in the premises of Alston Lane Primary’. 

The project participant, Lennart Stanowski, worked with UCLan and Head Teacher Mark Fitzgibbon over a total of four weeks to explore and draft up different variations of illustrative art work for three different mural designs. 


Alston Lane Catholic Primary School is a single form entry school situated on the outskirts of Longridge, Preston. The school primarily caters for Roman Catholic children however welcomes children of all faiths and denominations. 

Mark Fitzgibbon, head teacher, believes in promoting a fun and creative learning environment in order to help to develop children’s full potential within the Catholic environment. With this in mind, Mark approached UCLan with a need to design new and inspiring artwork for three murals situated in the premises of Alston Lane Primary, which would re-interpret the values of the school. 

The objectives of the project were:
A Research Portfolio:
‘Idea finding | draft mocks for variations of layouts | digital editing'

Illustration Development:
‘Initial ideas for illustration for gym, library and entrance mural | measure and masking tape’

Illustration Design:
‘Illustrate linear artwork and mask artwork for painting | colour, detail and outlines’

Finalise Development:
‘Painting until completion of required artwork | touch ups’


The drawing and painting of the murals was completed in a total of 5 working days and the project completed with a diverse range of illustrative styles. Final mural designs are now displayed in the main areas of the school, therefore providing plenty of exposure for Lennart. This project has given Lennart a solid platform in which to grow within the industry, and Mark Fitzgibbon welcomes potential future opportunities for collaboration work. 


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