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Bowland Clothing Company

The Bowland Clothing Company are a small ‘country clothing’ company based within the Forest of Bowland. BCC caters for individuals and companies seeking high quality jackets or coats, and also offers corporate logos and branding.  

Seeking expansion in the business, Tony, Director of BCC, approached Quarter, UCLan, for assistance with the development of 3 colour combinations for both a jacket and gillet containing matching visualisation. With ‘quality’ in the forefront of the business, Tony, saw the potential of a new range of colour ways that would attract consumers looking for excellence in country clothing. 

'To create 3 colour combinations for 2 garments; one jacket and one gillet’

With support from the Quarter, UCLan team, the students, Beatriz, Charley and Christian, of Fashion Design, worked extensively over the two weeks researching the fashion market in order to shape and influence the new colour combinations which they presented to the client. The clothing market was investigated thoroughly in order for the students to establish the correct market platform for a new garment/new coloured materials. All design work for both the jacket and gillet was carefully planned and presented to the client, with consideration to the fabric material and complimentary colour ways. 


The project objectives consisted of:

Market Research:
‘Identification of main age range, demographic, fashion, clothing market, other existing market customers’
Concept Research:
‘A detailed customer profile for 2 main age ranges | colour trends tailored to each researched customer profile’
Concept Development:
‘Clean presentation of workable and reasoned colour combinations | client feedback/response"
‘Presentation of 3 colour combinations for 2 garments (one jacket and one gillet)’


TYPE:  Extra Curricular
CLIENT: Tony Walters
STUDENT NAME: Beatriz Fernandes, Charley Parr
& Christian Partington
DISCIPLINE: Fashion Design
DURATION: 2 Weeks (Part time)


The outcome of the project was a true success with a completed presentation of 3 colour combinations for the jacket and gillet garments with matching visualisations. The client was exceptionally pleased with the end result and aims to approach manufacturers to move these colour combinations forward to market. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students, who can use this as industry experience and for CV purposes. With an aim to market the work produced, this will provide plenty of industry exposure for the students as they continue on their fashion development and build on their success.  

Whilst working on the project, the student used a combination of digital design, screen printing and sublimation printing at a local manufacturers and hand machining and finishing on campus at UCLan. 

These types of projects are incredibly suited to students who are in search for additional experience in their specific industry, as support is available throughout from the Quarter team, UCLan. 



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