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TYPE: Extra Curricular
CLIENT: Andrew Pickup
STUDENT NAMES: Jasmin Gaskell  & Nina Caine
DISCIPLINE: Fashion Design
TIME SCALE: 2015 | 4 Weeks (Part time).



‘To create a staple collection of men’s underwear. The collection should include elements of ‘cheeky British humour’ and take on the shape and form of a garment that provides support, lift and a sense of luxury’. 

Each student was selected on their ability to provide a strong portfolio with a good range of design and technical skills suited to the client’s project requirements. 


In 2015, we were introduced to new start-up Cotackle, a ‘mens underwear’ business operating out of Lancashire, UK. Director of Co’Tackle, Andrew Pickup approached UCLan requiring assistance in creating a set of uniquely designed garments for Co’tackle’s first collection launch. 

The project required the students, Nina Caine & Jasmin Gaskell, to work as a team to produce:

A Research Portfolio:
'Key, relevant trends in garment fit, pattern & colour | Existing brands & market research'

Initial Design Development:
'CAD design development | Garment flats | Stitching types & proposed design ideas'

Garment design:
'Further garment design & development (Fit and comfort)'

Garment prototyping:
'Presentation of product and final feedback’


Both Nina & Jasmin worked collaboratively over four weeks to create a set of garments which contained a considered balance between the fundamentals of underwear construction and incorproation of cheeky, British influenced print in the overall design. The project concluded with a diverse collection of garments which had a distinct individuality, whilst blurring with the boundaries and expectations of traditional men’s underwear. 


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