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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will my Placement be like? 

Each placement is different and it's difficult to say with any degree of certainty how the experience will be. In all placements there will be a learning curve to begin with but things will get easier. You'll build relationships with your co-workers and get into the swing of things.

Q: What will I do during my placement?

You may be thinking that you will do exactly what other employees will be doing during your Placement. Instead what usually happens is that you will receive smaller roles in the company. Understandably this is a big shock as chances are you genuinely have the skills to tackle larger tasks.

The reason for this is simply because businesses need to be sure in every decision they make, and sometimes they can't be sure where an interns strengths lie. Therefore they use the beginning of the internship as a way to judge the intern, giving them smaller tasks to see how they react. Time and time again we have seen this with past students making cups of tea, printing copies of paper and running general errands. Take this time as a chance to make a good impression, because once you have proved yourself new roles will begin to open up. 

Remember, Placements are an opportunity to learn about the Industry and not a test run of a real job. No matter what role you fill the most important thing is to learn everything you can from it by talking to colleges, watching others or asking questions. 

Q: How will the Placement team help me find an internship?

The Placement team can help in a variety of ways and will depend upon your specific needs. Perhaps you don't know how to write a CV despite having the skills to get a Placement. Perhaps you don't know where to look and are having trouble filtering through all the options. Perhaps you just need a confidence boost, someone to help push you to jump in. Whatever your situation the Placement team can help and will help.  

Q: What's the Interviews like? Are they Difficult?

Of course not every interview is the same so it is difficult to say what they are like. In the end it all depends upon your ability to present yourself and how confident you are. We at the Placement team will focus on preparing you for any and all interviews you may need as well as ensuring you're capable of presenting yourself well. Although this is something we cover with your specific situation and skills in mind there are other services in UCLan that can offer to help. Career's in the Foster Building offer's practice interviews to students, and can provide further reading on interview preparation.

Q: Can I apply to different roles in the same company?

(To be filled).

Q: How many Placements should I apply for?

Placements especially in large businesses are heavily contested opportunities and few in number. Because of this it is important to apply to any you would want to do. You're in a far better position having too many offers than none at all.

Q: What if the Placement isn't what I expected?

Placements are a learning opportunity first and foremost and not sometimes not every lesson is as enjoyable as we had hoped. Your co-workers may not be the social type, you may be given a smaller role than you wanted or the work in itself may be incredibly stressful. All of this is completely normal and honestly this is a fantastic position to be in. Because placements give you a window into the future it allows you to evaluate things now and make changes for the better.

Q: What support is available for me while I'm at Placement? 

(To be filled).

Q: What if I don't find a Placement?

(To be filled).


Ask Questions:

You are there to learn, so learn. Ask how things work, ask how to watch demonstrations, ask if you can give it a try and ask how others got where they are. Everyone knows you are there to learn and get experience so they won’t mind, just don’t push too hard because nobody likes a constant barrage a questions. It’s a fine line to tread but asking questions is the best way to learn.


Get talking to people, be social and to begin with try and go with your colleagues to lunch because this is crucial to a better time. There is a saying that goes along the lines of “it’s not what you do but who you do it with” and this is absolutely true. Making friends with colleagues not only makes the experience more enjoyable, it’s networking. Here you have people already in the industry of your choice who can offer advice, teach you new things and even offer you a job down the line. None of this can happen if you don’t get to know them, plus if they learn about you they may notice see your skills (which is great if you want to avoid low skill tasks).

Leave a Good Impression:

The people you work for, and more importantly the people you work with will remember you in some way once you leave. Because of this it’s important you work towards leaving them with a good impression of you. Nine times out of ten all this takes is hard work and a positive attitude.


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