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Hidey Boo



TYPE: Extra Curricular
CLIENT: Andrew Eaves
STUDENT NAME: Declan Holgate
DISCIPLINE: BA (Hons) Animation
TIME SCALE: 2017 | 2 Weeks Part Time



‘To create an animation video for a drop-ship process suitable for marketing and promo for ‘Hidey Boo’.

With support from UCLan and ‘APL’, the project participant, Declan Holgate, of BA (Hons) Animation, worked over the next two weeks to design a new successful animation video which demonstrates the overall business process. The animation video was planned and designed carefully to meet the needs of the client, which was to keep things simple and to the point. Additional to the video, Declan, collaborated with a voice artist here at UCLan, Gemma Rickers, to create a sound recording of narration, provided by the client, which was overlaid on to the animation. 


‘Affordable Prices Limited’ was set up in January 2014 by Director, Andrew Eaves. The nature of the business is retail sales via mail order houses or via internet. Andrew is an existing client of UCLan, and saw a gap in the market for a new ‘drop-ship’ process, where a company can sell and order personalised products for their customers, and require a delivery service to distribute the products. Therefore, Andrew came up with an innovative, exciting new brand, ‘Hidey Boo’, which does exactly that!

Hidey Boo, is a company seeking dropshippers and offers business expansion by providing merchandise, materials and images to help enhance sales. Andrew, approached UCLan, looking for marketing/promotional assistance in the creation of an animation video suitable for ‘Hidey Boo’. The video would display the process of ‘drop-ship’ process for a wholesale client selling their new ‘Hidey Boo’ products.

Declan’s main objectives for the project were to include:

A Research Portfolio:
'Target audience | potential competitors (new market gap | message/communication | ‘brand tone’- product | animation videos | concept style | business generation '

Concept & Planning:
' ‘Visual delivery | scene selection | product focus | planning | design proposals | dialogue used and practiced | consideration'

'Client response to proposals | final mock-up of animation | sound recording finalised | feedback on alterations/suitability'

'Presentation of animation video with sound recording'


The project successfully completed with a new animation video suitable for marketing and promotional purposes for ‘Hidey Boo’. The client will use this animation video in the launch of the new business, which will present exciting business opportunities aiming to generate new clientele. Whilst working on the project, Declan gained extensive industry knowledge and experience through client interaction, which helped him to develop a deeper understanding of marketing and promotion in relation to a business project. This project will help facilitate the development of industry exposure as well as content for Declan’s design portfolio. 


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