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UCLan X Derian House Collaborative Catwalk

We have embarked on a collaborative project in the summer of 2017 with our FE partner colleges.  The project featured work produced by our own HE students who designed and made fashion articles from up-cycled garments. Those garments featured in a high profile charity catwalk show in November.  The finished garments were auctioned with proceeds going towards a notable charity which deals with children with life limiting conditions,  and their families/carers.

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to Aug 25

Neville James

   New Directions: The 2017 Collection      Exhibition at the PR1 Gallery UCLan 1-25 August 2017

New Directions: The 2017 Collection

Exhibition at the PR1 Gallery UCLan 1-25 August 2017

UCLan's School of ADF's Victoria Building gallery space 'PR1' is hosting works from local artist Neville James during the month of August.

Here is a description of the works he is exhibiting:-

The works in this year's exhibition can be broadly divided into two categories: the so-called 'gold/black' series and the 'silver/black' series.

The former are clustered together on the left-hand side of the gallery, and the latter arranged on the right.

All works are either oil, acrylic or spray paint (and sometimes a mixture of two or more of these) on canvas of differing qualities, from fine-weave semi-translucent material to heavier-duty cottons.

For the most part, the gold/black artworks were created using a very free dripping and/or pouring technique, which allowed the two pigments to seep into each other on contact.  While a certain amount of control also plays a part, the chosen media could otherwise mingle and coalesce at random, which I believe contributes to the 'mystery' of the resulting image. Occasionally, the initial application might be allowed to dry thoroughly before the application of subsequent coats; hence the process of successive applications isgoverned solely by the artist's ability to decide when the desired result has been achieved.  I found immense satisfaction in exploring the intrinsic qualities of the sumptuous metallic pigments, and their mutual interaction.

Contrary to the desired abstract results achieved in general, certain canvases nevertheless began to suggest an almost recognisable reality during their gestation, which led me to allude to the concept of a rural landscape in one title.

By contrast, the silver/black paintings employ a variety of 'gestural' techniques. Chief among them is the application of thick silver acrylic paint on a black oil ground. The silver paint is then scraped and dispersed around the canvas with a palette knife to create the effect of ethereal 'floating' shapes on the surface of the canvas, which in turn gives the impression of depth of field and thus a sense of three dimensionality.  The silver metallic paintings were created using spray paint with masking tape and meshing, resulting in the grid-like impression.

By and large, my aim with a number of these works has been to evoke feelings and sensations, and to encourage the viewer to contemplate the intrinsic nature of the interplay of texture and colour; whether in a spirit of serene harmony, or (especially in the larger black/gold pieces) in awe of the more turbulent forces of nature.

Technique:- Dripping, pouring, spraying, palette-knife; brush used mainly as a base or during priming of the support.

Medium:- Oil-based house paints, gloss/metallic - Aerosol spray paint - Water-based acrylics

Support:- Canvas

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Preston City of Sanctuary

We worked with the newly formed group 'Preston City of Sanctuary'.  The group's aim was to garner support from the community and from local decision making bodies, in order to make the transition of refugees into the UK as painless as is possible.  We supported the cause by undertaking promotional work towards, and providing coverage for the awareness event.

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