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TYPE:  Extra Curricular
CLIENT: David Rigby
STUDENT NAME: Laura Holton
DISCIPLINE: Fashion Brand Promotion
DURATION: 2017 |  7 Weeks (Part time)



To define who “Bob” would become, and how ourbob.com could be marketed towards both recruiters and candidates’. 

Laura was employed on a 7 week basis, working extensively with UCLan and the client, primarily on the company branding and campaign plan. This outlined a ‘post’ strategy for social media and incorporated radio interviews/advertising, point of sale and marketing, paying particular attention to the exploration and production of character and logo designs. 


Our Bob (www.ourbob.com) is a UK-wide online Jobs Board (previously named www.mypeoplepeople.com since June 2015), which launched at the start of January 2017. Our Bob provides candidates with online access to current job vacancies across the UK from a variety of employers of all sizes, recruitment consultants and agencies.

David Rigby, Director of ‘Our Bob’, felt that by rebranding and enhancing the existing site with a more approachable feel would secure more business for the company. Therefore, David approached UCLan in 2016 looking to develop a new branding strategy and company relaunch tailored more specific to their target audienceS. 

The main requirements for the project were to develop a humanised ‘Bob’ character, adopting diverse characters for different recruitment sectors, with a helpful and friendly approach and preferably ‘northern’ in personality and accent.  ‘Bob’ needed to be designed in a way so he or it could facilitate the brand on the website, in social media and on numerous marketing plaforms, both online and in print. 


The project required the student Laura to produce

A Research Portfolio:
‘Current brand | industry trends | logo identities & trends (visualisation)’

Initial Design Development:
‘ ‘Propsing logo designs and illustrative animal character designs | client feedback/direction’

Character Design:
‘Further research and development of character design | branding design’

Character Development:
‘Presentation of character and logo design final feedback | 4 month ‘Bob’ campaign proposal draft/’

‘Implementation of campaign | evaluation and control of campaign | final Bob designs’


The project featured stereotypical British Northern elements into the overall design of ‘Bob’ and completed with a diverse range of designs for the client to choose from. This project has helped develop Laura’s industry experience by working collaboratively with a client and has enhanced her design portfolio. 

Laura’s work is now featured on the ‘Our Bob’ website (www.ourbob.com), therefore offering Laura plenty of industry exposure. 


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