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Pinnacle Project


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TYPE: Placement
CLIENT: Steve Burke
STUDENT NAMES: Angie Shek, Jack Knight
& Reece Orton
TIME SCALE: 2017 | 7 Weeks (Part time).



To work alongside the clients to turn all of the images and information associated with the Pinnacle monument into a very impactful and informative ‘A1 size’ display board.


Clitheroe Civic Society confines its interests and activities to the area comprising the Civil Parish of Clitheroe. The aim of the society is to promote high standards of design/architecture and educate the public in the history of the area, whilst securing the preservation and development of it’s historical features.

Clitheroe Civic Society had restored a ‘Pinnacle’ monument of significant public interest, which was brought to the local town of Clitheroe in 1937 by an MP of the time, Sir William Brass. With a need for help in sustaining the history of the monument, Steve Burke, contacted UCLan, looking to create a very impactful and informative A1 size public display board, presenting all images and information associated with the Pinnacle monument. 

Angie Shek, Jack Knight & Reece Orton‘s main objectives of the project were:

'Collating information to form a timeline and interepretating boards for visual detail'

Concept Design:
'Creating 5 different themes for board layouts each consisting of a clear but loose design'
'Refinement of designs for more impactful design elements from the boards'

Finalised Design
'Descriptions | content | statistics | images & artwork- layout/format | timelines’

Client feedback
'Refinement of board | amendments made | appropriateness and impact response | submit to print’


The project was completed by the students over a 7 week period. With the help from the UCLan team, the students first designed 5 different concepts for the information board’s layout and then reduced and finalised the designs with the client. 

Being a part of this project provided the students with the opportunity to design an impactful and informative display board for the client, Clitheroe Civic Society. This enabled the students to showcase their creative skills to the client and to the public, which helped gain exposure within the industry. Work produced was also used by the students for portfolio purposes, for the student development to demonstrate industry involvement and experiences. 

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